What does an occupational medicine doctor do?

Occupational medicine physicians undertake different activities that depend upon the sector of the business that they work in. They include assessment of the workplace for dangers, such as chemical, physical, biological, ergonomic and safety hazards and interpret injury data and make recomendations based on this. Occupational physicians need to be good leaders and team workers as there are other important professionals involved, for example, occupational hygeinists, statistics, physiotherapists, kinesiologists, occupational therapists, ergonomists, nurses etc. Occupational medicine professionals can increase productivity in many cases by decreasing injuries, absences and turnover of staff and thus decrease costs and insurance premiums. Prevention is key.

Occupational physicians are also important in disability managment and are experts in advising companies regarding this, given their skill mix, training and experience. This can be done face to face and also following file review.

There is also an important role in research and education.